Hama Export Management Company (Hama E.M.C) is an international company enjoying more than 20 years of experience in the realm of various economic, commercial and consulting activities.

Exploiting the latest and state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, our team of experts do their utmost to develop and improve level of knowledge among the manufacturers through representing a wide range of trading models for all types of enterprises to promote their production in order to seize the global business opportunities and the long term benefits coming along. This will eventually lead to boosting the export rate and Iran market development as its consequences.

-Hama Export Management:

Having a better perspective on the target market and knowing the potential competitors are among the key elements of launching and operating a fruitful business activity. Our expert team will provide our esteemed customers with the most suitable approaches toward setting their targets, knowing their competitors, preparing business models, marketing and so forth throughout all the procedures.

-Hama Event Management:

To take part in an event, no matter what kind or of which nature, demands to be thoroughly and appropriately prepared in presenting your products, holding up B2B meetings and finally creating profitable business opportunities. This department has got the ability and knowledge to organize and prepare business delegations to be dispatched for various events such as: exhibitions, conferences, festivals and gatherings along with other organizations and associations to draw the best benefit of their visits and meetings.

-Hama E-Commerce:

Nowadays, the internet network and its options have created new era for handling almost all daily routine affairs and facilitated business and communications in a wide variety of choices and forms. The IT has opened new horizons to international affairs among which business has been profited in huge rate. Hama E-Commerce team is ready to provide its customers with enjoying various forms of electronic media and models including digital marketing, electronic sales, CRM and so on.