It has been for thousand years that dates fruit is considered as an essential product in middle-eastern countries and India. In today’s modern world dates is grown in west of Pakistan which dates back to 7000 years ago. Dates nutrition is known for most of us.

Later on, the use of dates was expanded to southern west of Asia, north of Africa and Spain and was presented to the west. According to the fossil records and dates history, it existed 50 million years ago.

What are the best types of dates to eat?

Majol: It roots from Morocco and it is delicious and large. The taste and aroma is like Toffee.

Barahi: this type of date is also called yellow date which has indigenous diversity related to Iraq. It has soft but thick flesh.

Dayeri: It is long, thin and black.

Halavi: Halavi date is so sweet and it is small.

Dglet noor: One of the best types of dates from Tunisia and Algeria, it is half dry and sweet that are normally used in cooking.

Hayani: In Egypt, such dates are soft, red and black.

Migraph: It is popular in South of Yemen. These ones are large and golden.

Itima: These dates are native Algerian types that are very sweet, large and rectangular in shape.