About Tea

As we know, drinking tea makes us feel relaxed and energetic because there is theanine it. It is important to say that IRAN is known as the seventh tea producer in the world. This product is found in northern provinces, especially in GILAN province.

How to know the difference between natural tea and tea with additives

  • Original tea never spreads out color immediately
  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes for tea product to brew and most of the medicinal plants have this specification so immediate coloring and taste is not a sign for being original
  • Color of tea from northern provinces of IRAN is not black but rather it is red
  • Natural tea color never gets black after some time in glass
  • Natural tea tastes bitter and similar to Viper’s bugloss
  • Aroma of natural IRANIAN tea stays in the air
  • After brewing, natural tea will release its aroma
  • Aroma of natural IRANIAN tea is so relaxing
  • Tea containing additives will change color into black after an hour remaining in glass and after 2 hours it will be in two colors, one remaining at the top and the other will be gathered at the bottom of the glass as additives. Additives are hard to clean in the kitchen sink.