Commerce and Export Management:

  • Export Management: Having a better perspective on the target market and knowing the potential competitors are among the key elements of launching and operating a fruitful business activity. Our expert team will provide our esteemed customers with the most suitable approaches toward setting their targets, knowing their competitors, preparing business models, marketing and so forth throughout all the procedures.

  • Commercial and Administration Services: As you already know, such services include: transport and transit, warehouse, cargo release, receiving required certificates for cargo import- export of goods and Custom Office and advertisements in which our team members are ready to represent the high quality services and supports to our customers.

  • Import and Sales Representative: To export their goods to Iran, our team of expert are ready to provide their consulting business models to all foreign and multinational companies concerned with research, negotiation, staff recruitment and target customers in Iran market.

  • Domestic Sales: In this department, we offer our domestic sales models to our customers so that they can find the right path ahead toward entering Iran domestic market and find out more about their potential and business competitors.