A) Sending off and receiving business and specific delegations: Generally speaking, such events are divided into two categories:

– Benchmarking and Manufacturing Cooperation through which the know-how and cutting-edge technology and knowledge can be transferred leading to boosting the level of products quality and expanding trading and industrial relationship with developed countries.

– Marketing and Sales which would cover various business features such as: recognition of market and consumers, finding out about competitors, getting familiar with labor laws and regulations and making a comprehensive assessment on business cooperation and development grounds and opportunities.

Taking advantage of our experience in holding up more than 120 events and dispatching trading delegations to more than 30 countries plus creating a business network with more than 70% of country provinces, our business administration team members and experts are ready to represent their services concerned with hotel booking, transport, airplane tickets, tour guide and so forth and set up an itinerary for our highly esteemed customers in regard with holding up commercial meetings, B2B meetings, site visit and so on.

It should be noted that our suggestions to all domestic or foreign enterprises are designed based on the features and potentials of such companies and their management structure.

B) Holding up Seminars and congresses: HAMA Team of Experts, enjoying years of experience and the latest management knowledge and tools, is ready to provide its customers with guidelines and consultants in regard with holding up various seminars and congresses, paying attention to macro goals of such organizations and associations so that they can draw the best benefit of such events. NO wonder, our staff will be in close contact and cooperation with our customers along such events and provide the updated reports and analysis about the progress rate of the projects.

Being updated in their knowledge and skills and taking advantage of the latest communication and IT technologies and tools, HAMA team members would do their best to launch such events in their best level of existence.

C) Holding up Exhibitions and Festivals: Exhibitions, in their natures, are held to provide an atmosphere under which all manufacturing and business enterprises and identities can represent their latest achievements and products and get them exposed to the customers. In other word, exhibitions are considered as an important part of marketing.

Taking these facts into account, we, at HAMA Group, are ready to provide our customers with the experiences we have got through years in regard with holding up various exhibitions both nationwide and worldwide and play our role as the executive partner to all companies throughout the exhibitions held.

To clarify our means of executing such events, we would provide our customers with a 3D design in which we represent our innovative ideas to our customers on how we are going to run their exhibitions and projects coming along.